Professional Lawn Care Crew

Meet The Owner | Theron Welch

theron welch family clean airTheron moved to Fort Collins 5 years ago with his wife Savanah Benedick-Welch. From biking, hiking, and camping, to live music, they truly love Fort Collins, and everything Colorado has to offer. On July 26th of 2018, Theron and Savanah welcomed their first child, Vanon, to their family and are so excited to watch him grow up in Fort Collins.

Theron worked for Clean Air Lawn Care as a tech before taking ownership of the company. Before Clean Air, he worked at the Fort Collins Food Cooperative as a manager, handy-man, and deli cook.

Caring for lawns as a Clean Air Owner has allowed Theron to return to something he is very passionate about, which is environmental sustainability and how we as consumers impact our local community. Lawn care contributes 10 to 15% of total pollution in the US. Whether it be from the overuse of chemicals polluting our groundwater, or the unchecked emissions from noisy, gasoline powered equipment, it’s something we want to rid from our neighborhoods and our lawns. By implementing the use of clean, quiet, solar powered electrical equipment, and all natural, organic fertilizers, we can create a safe environment for our family, neighbors and furry friends to enjoy.

Theron has worked in the landscape/lawn care business on and off for 15+ years, and is committed to provide excellent service each customer deserves.